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Case StudiesElevating Herballines with Modernity and Affinity

Elevating Herballines with Modernity and Affinity

Paradise Products, home to the renowned Herballines brand, sought to realign its communications with consumer trends in Myanmar’s personal care market. With a focus on family hygiene and care, the objective was to enhance the brand’s relevance and resonance in the dynamic social media landscape.

In collaboration with Level Up Marketing Group, Herballines underwent a comprehensive rebranding, aligning its communication with contemporary consumer trends. The new creatives were carefully crafted to appeal to modern families, infusing fun and memorable elements into hygiene routines and family-centric visuals. This approach not only aligned seamlessly with the brand theme but also catered to the stylistic preferences of the social media audience.

Over the 8-month campaign period, Herballines witnessed a significant elevation in its brand presence. The content reached over ten million individuals, with brand engagement surpassing the one million mark. The revamped visuals and messaging not only resonated more deeply with consumers but also contributed substantially to boosting brand affinity. The campaign’s success lies in its ability to marry modernity with the brand’s core values, ensuring that Herballines remains top of mind for consumers seeking mild yet effective family care products in Myanmar. The achieved “share of voice” reflects the brand’s dominance in the personal care sector, cementing its position as a leader in family hygiene.

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