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Case StudiesUnveiling OnePlus 11 with Strategic Impact

Unveiling OnePlus 11 with Strategic Impact

The campaign strategically aimed to amplify awareness and excitement for the imminent OnePlus 11 launch. By actively engaging the OnePlus community and widening the audience, the goal was to establish a dominant “share of voice” and secure a top-of-mind presence for the upcoming product.

In collaboration with influential tech bloggers, the campaign provided exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, adding an intriguing layer to the OnePlus 11 narrative. The public vote for two featured photos and accompanying giveaway prizes fostered a sense of community involvement, creating a lasting impression and reinforcing the OnePlus brand in the minds of the audience.

The campaign’s impact surpassed expectations, establishing a significant “share of voice” within the target audience. The community’s enthusiastic response and hunger for more promotional content after the OnePlus 11 launch reflected a substantial increase in top-of-mind presence. The campaign effectively positioned OnePlus 11 as a prominent player in the market, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

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